South Pacific 28 degrees 55 minutes south 158 degrees 56 minutes east. 12.30 pm

Yes we’re still here. Currently enjoying perfect sailing conditions. Pleasant sunny weather, relatively smooth seas, nice wind, nice wind? well just that it’s not from one of our preferred directions. Consequently we are currently heading more north than we would like, but, it’s all in the general direction. Bob assures us the wind will turn more southerly soon.

Andrew, Nick and myself (Bill) are feeling much better, and seemed to have found our sea legs. I just wish I could find a place to store them and remember to pack them next time I find myself out on the ocean.

We have as yet had no luck supplementing the food stores with fish from the ocean. Perhaps there are none left. Then again we do have about 4 months of food onboard, so no one is to concerned at this stage.

Hoping for that wind we ordered yesterday. keep watching this space.

Bill Vrijens