Where did those days go?

Friday 5 July 2013

Gideon’s Landing, Havanah Harbour

It’s hard to account for where the last few days have gone, as some of us have travelled over to Port Vila to complete tasks, while others have remained aboard at Havanah Harbour working through the remaining tasks to complete.

Kiwi John was, on one level, sad to go but after 7 weeks aboard was keen to see the family, in particular grandchild number 4, Ivy, born only a week ago.

The balance of the Mission 1 team, sailor James Latimer, dentist Lyndon Sheppard  and nurse Kristie Shaw were picked up from the airport this afternoon and with dentalcare worker Morinda and eyecare worker Helen make up the 10 on board.

Communication problems have featured high on our list of “tasks” to be completed or solved,  and so let’s see how we go when things start in earnest tomorrow.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and where did those days go?

Rob Latimer


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