Sunday 2 May, 6 pm Lenakel, Tanna Island, Vanuatu.

Another day getting organised, and fixing things. Bob has finally worked out the mystery behind the constantly filling bilge in the center of the boat. A faulty float switch coupled with a non working non-return valve allowing water to come back into the boat through the hole it is supposed to leave. At least this time we know we have found the fault, and sort of dealt with it.

The medical supplies stocked in one of the cabins are now on deck in big plastic bags ready to be hoisted onto the dinghy and taken ashore, somewhere.

This was followed by lunch, interrupted by 2 young enterprising boys who rowed out to our boat in a canoe, wanting to sell some “water fruit” We now have a bag of these fruits that resemble avocados, but will do what exactly when they ripen?

All seems to be in readiness. We are now eager to move onto the next stage, sailing down to Anatom. This we expect to be a difficult sail, being, again, dead into the wind. Should these winds continue however, the other Island hops will be easier.

So, at this stage, ready and waiting.

Bill Vrijens