We’re ready now

Thursday 20th July 2017
Port Vila Harbour

Mark was off to immigration this morning for citizenship… no sorry, to extend his visa as he is staying past the standard 30 days allowed on your normal visa.

Vic, Todd and I took the opportunity to walk the street and check out the market.

Rob was off for a presentation at a combined churches gathering. All busy in our own ways.

After a swim and lunch on Chimere, Rob and Mark headed for the wholesale store for final provisions for our time in the wilderness.

And home comes Rob having commandeered another of his friends to bring out a load of provisions. Would you believe his friend works with the water police in Victoria, hope his boss doesn’t see the photo although no chance of overloading being an offence here.

Next, Mark arrives in Chimere’s dinghy with a boat load of friends. There was Deb from PCV health, Annette who along with her husband is doing several months volunteer work with PCV, David a dentist from Ballarat volunteering with the program and Charlotte, David’s grand daughter from the Gold Coast, with Mark driving.

Tonight Rob and Mark have headed around to the boat club on special invitation from the Germans that they rescued in Resolution bay a couple weeks ago. No doubt there will be more stories to be told.

Tomorrow the adventure begins, Rob leaves at 5am for a 7am flight home. Rob, I know its been a long haul for you from so many aspects. You have done an amazing job getting the boat ship shape and to get all the teams together. Go home knowing it has been a job well done, your Mission 2 sailing team hope they too can do you proud.

Tomorrow we are off to Havannah Harbour.

Fair winds, smooth seas and we’re ready now.

Phil Wicks

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