We deployed and the men were rescued

Friday 28th July 2017
Lamen Bay, Epi Island

Its a strange thing, just on dark, Bob who was staying on shore called on the two way radio saying two men had fallen out of their canoe and were in the water being carried by the current running between Epi and Lamen islands. We quickly deployed Todd in a dinghy with a small crew to the rescue. As it happens an American friend on the yacht Bravo also went on the hunt. So with two dinghys zipping about the water in the dark the search was on. Before long an American accented message came over the radio ” we’ve got them and we are towing the canoe to shore”. What a disappointment, we thought we had the story to match Robs.

Initially there were some issues with the clinic here today due to Vanuatu Independence day celebrations and the local nurse having gone missing. Never the less our medical team were off at 7.30 and were able to complete their survey quotas, check 30 pairs of eyes and sort out some medical issues all before lunch. Bob and Morinda then organised for us to hold a clinic at Lamen Island approximately 3 kilometres across the straight. They organised a banana boat (local runabout) to take all the equipment across this afternoon and ready for our medics to start the clinic at 8am tomorrow. Great work by the mission coordinators.

Tonight we were invited to eat ashore and were served a beautiful local dinner. It included rice, chicken with island greens, fish in coconut milk, deep fried manioc and yam followed by banana cake; my favourite was banana pie and water melon. All very nice.

Our team are very tired and looking forward to another good nights sleep in this comfortable anchorage. Still no internet so no photos and this is going out via satellite.

Fair winds, smooth seas and we deployed and the men were rescued

Phil Wicks

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