We are now connected

Tues 30 May 2017, 50NM  NNW of Lord Howe Is.

Hi Everyone,

Email and Predict Wind are now working and I believe tracking is as well [See below for Predictwind map and latest position]. 


The auto pilot is behaving properly, set to “Leisure Mode” and needs electronic compass re calibration once or twice a day but is doing the job.

We are about 50NM NNW of Lord Howe Island motoring in almost no wind with a beautiful deep blue sea under a clear blue sky. 


There is a swell from the south west and life is pleasant aboard Chimere again. The hatches are open the cabins are losing there smelly-man odor, washing is hanging on the line and most of the crew are washed, clothed nearly in their right minds again.

Our course will take us between Lord Howe Island and Elizabeth reef and then direct to SE New Caledonia. We have 1023NM to run to Port Vila which at 6 knots is 7 days. But I’m not making predictions yet.

Predict Wind says we will have almost no wind until mid Thursday, so dear old Perkins will get some exercise (not that he needs it!)

I think the problem with Iridium was that it had not hung up from a previous connection and the external cable which has a very small fitting had become loose and disconnected the unit from the external antenna. It was still receiving correct GPS position and time and displayed a strong signal but a reboot and a bit of sunshine seemed to fix it.

All crew except Josh have recovered their sea legs and he is perking up.

Thanks for your help and prayers.

Cheers from all aboard 


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  1. Great to hear you are out there and doing well. Our thoughts are with you.

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