Graeme Duke, a member of the Medical Team and a Medical Sailing Ministries crew member, undertook a fund raising bush-walk ‘Walk4iCare’ for the Vanuatu Prevention of Blindness Project during May-August 2009.

Graeme raised over $3,000 for Medical Sailing Ministries and The Vanuatu Prevention of Blindness Project. A fantastic effort!!!

To achieve this Graeme to walked 120km from Portland to Nelson (along the ‘Great South West Walk’ carrying all his gear with him, during the week May 4 – 10, 2009. The walk will follow the inland section of the Great South West Walk along the Glenelg River.

The walk coincided with Chimere’s voyage from Sydney to Vanuatu, which commenced on May 2nd.

To follow the happenings of the Walk4iCare and Graeme’s amazing achievement see Walk4iCare web page.


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