Vanuatu MSM Volunteer Update – latest news 22/3/2017

Greetings MSM Volunteers – both Medical & Sailing,
A big thank you to those who have already confirmed their participation in this year’s mission.  
The latest Volunteer news is available to download.
The various stages of the mission are starting to fill up and I’ve included a summary of how we stand with each, (in the Volunteer Update) in case you were wondering which team to join.  
In most case we should still be able to get you aboard for your chosen mission.
The Volunteer Application form can also be downloaded, but if you’d like a Word version, just sing out …
I know I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again, it would be a great assistance to our planning if you could send through the written confirmation of your participation asap; even if further information needs to be sent through at a later date.

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