Two more sleeps!!

Monday 19 June 2017
Port Vila 

When it starts to get dark it doesn’t muck about- It’s dark pretty quickly
Nice sunset tonight- red sky at night …

The boat is starting to look ship-shape… literally.  A place for everything and everything in its place.

You’d better believe it.  Trouble is, most things have been in at least three different places in the past month, so it’s hard to know where anything is.

Those days are now behind us!

No sticky painted deck to tiptoe around, no piles of donated goods looking for a place to be stowed, no tins of paint lying around (actually, they’ll be stowed tomorrow) things are ready for departure

Annette and Gerry led the charge in sorting the food, so we can, for example, find the tinned sweet corn in under 30 seconds.  Not that speedy food-finding is part of our usual safety procedure, but you get the idea.

Peter cooked a lovely dinner after some time off to visit the Cascades and Daniel did whatever needed to be done – generally anything needing lots of muscles.  I know who’ll be head of the queue in pulling on the chain if the electric winch gives out

We have a morning planning meeting up at PCV Health tomorrow which should inform us about when everyone intends to come aboard on Wednesday. It’s about 130 miles to Tanna, so it should take around 24 hours.  The weather forecast looks good at this stage so lets hope it stays that way

We are taking some of the medical folk down south with us and another five will fly into Tanna on Saturday, making around 16 in all, counting the five sailors.

There are still a few things on our list which will need to be completed tomorrow on account of Wednesday being a holiday in remembrance of the president’s passing.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and just two more sleeps

Rob Latimer

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