Time to unload

Friday 9 June

Port Vila, Waterfront

Having packed so much on board before leaving Australia it was now time to unload everything – from rubber gloves, disinfectant and medical supplies to tables, chairs and sun shelters.

Much of the gear will eventually come back on the boat as we conduct medical missions over the next five months but for now the boat is looking cleaner than it has for a while

Most of the donated caps, clothing and snorkelling gear has been consolidated on board ready for its distribution as we go from village to

While not clearing the boat of cargo there was an opportunity to sit in on one of the planning meetings up at PCV Health and tomorrow Cameron is going to brief me on the workings of the satellite communications and weather forecasting system before he flies out on Sunday

But the highlight today was the arrival of new crew member Peter Wright who was up early this morning to catch a Melbourne to Sydney flight and in the afternoon another from Sydney to Port Vila.

We remain in a period of transition with plenty of jobs to do in preparation for the first of four medical missions starting on the 21st June.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and a time to unload

Rob Latimer

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