Three days out of Sydney

Tues 30 May 2017  

lat -31.1154 lon 158.02408

368 Miles ENE of Sydney  

Averaging around 6 knots Cam and his crew are still aiming in the right direction, with favourable winds, but conflicting seas that have made for a lumpy, and at times wet, ride.

After sending Cam the latest weather forecast for the region, the reply text reads:

30/5/17, 7:10am

Good morning Rob
Light SE here now.  Motor sailing at 6.5kt @ 1500RPM Heading between Lord Howe and Elizabeth Reef. Looking forward to the WSW tomorrow afternoon for a good run with the jib poled out and probably full main. washing day today!
Thanks for the weather keep it coming.
Email you a bit later.


Cam’s messages from yesterday read …

Have had lots of water on the deck over the last two days. Had the lower washboard fitted so only a splash in the galley. A rogue wave from astern of all things. Dry decks now. A few drips in the starboard head a few in the fore hatch and surprisingly in the saloon ceiling.  Bunks all dry and only a couple of litres from the anchor locker. The boys did a great job fixing the hatches. During the storm early this morning the forward bimini ripped out the aft stitching but not damaged otherwise. I should have furled it prior to departure. A gust got under it and blew it up to the boom. Had furled the jib and ran off before to reduce the apparent wind. Martin and Bruce back on their feet.

One of the reasons we took the main down was to improve the steering as the auto kept losing heading and turning way upwind before correcting and the going too far the other way. We could roll up the jib and see how it works under engine alone. But it is the response that is so slow.  The boat is not difficult to steer  The wind is 210/20-25 with a swell on the port quarter and another on the beam less frequently. We are heading 010 so heading east will put the wind just aft of starboard beam

As is quite normal, the motion of the boat has affected some on board more than others, but it seems everyone is close to recovery … or at least sufficiently recovered to be able to take watch and do their duty.

From a Mission budgeting and finance perspective … those back home on dry land (counting the shekels) figure there’s obviously less food being eaten, which has to be good for the bottom line. But that sounds a bit harsh doesn’t it?

In summary, the guys are doing a great job and throughout today will be passing to the north of Lord Howe Island, just to the south of Elizabeth Reef; no time for sightseeing !!

Check out their current location on the map … 

Smooth seas, fair breeze and just 1000 miles to go!

Rob Latimer for Cam and the delivery crew 

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