Friday 23th August 2013

15 31.36S 167 09.92

Sleep is a luxury on a yacht. Last night we went to bed at a reasonable hour only to be woken at midnight by loud traffic on the VHF radio. I for one found it hard to get back to sleep but eventually dropped off at about 2am. At 4am is started raining so I was up again to run around shutting hatches. The hatch above Denis’ cabin is only a foot above his head and it made an ear splitting sound when pushed shut and frightened the day lights out of him.

Waking up in the morning was difficult and Denis considerately didn’t get up till 7am.

There should be no sleeping in today however, because today Rob and Cathy (part of the new team for Tour 3) would arrive by plane from Melbourne.


After breakfast I had a shower ashore and then Denis and I went off to the shops for last minute purchases.

Back at the resort we met Ken and Joy from the motor yacht, ‘Trinity Castle’ and spent some time having a chat. Later in the day we took the dinghy to visit them aboard their yacht and had a wonderful time learning about their boat and the adventures since leaving Seattle. Right at the end of the day Ken and Joy returned the visit by coming over to Chimere.


At 6:15pm we had to excuse ourselves and all pile into the dinghy to meet the taxi waiting for us. We got to the airport in plenty of time. After about 20min wait Robert and Cathy came through the terminal doors. We loaded two small taxies with people and bags and headed back to the boat. Before going aboard we had a pizza dinner at the resort and a lovely catch up time.


The full moon is up and after dinner we followed its reflection back to the boat where we are now getting the new team settled aboard.



Smooth seas, fair breeze and those we waited for have come



Andrew Latimer



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