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Thursday 31 August 2017

Asanvari, Maewo

Tonight’s blog is brought to you by the PCV Health team –
Bob Natuman, Mission 3 Team Leader and Oral Health worker
Dick Nakat, Eyecare worker
Jay Watson, Eyecare worker
Deb Allen, Oral Health Educator

Medical Mission 3 long yia 2017 hemi makem out wan narfala team blong medical we hemi consist long 4 crew memba, 2 dentis, 2 nurse, 2 Optom mo 2 dental nurse. Team I bin wok start long South Pentecost long village blong Pangi olsem stat blong wok blong team, team I wok folem island long 2 nara station we hemi Melsisi mo Abwatuntora. We hemi north blong island blong Pentecost mo team I bin continue blong mapem aot work blong olgeta long wan narafala island hemi Maewo long village blong Asanvari. Olsem team mifala bin cooperate together blong mekem ol work ia. Ol pipol long evri village we team visit oli very fortunate blong lok mo tekem ol services we mifala I karem aot.

For those who aren’t fluent in Bislama – “2017 Medical Mission 3 is a new medical team which consists of 4 sailing crew, 2 dentists, 2 nurses, 2 eyecare workers, and 2 dental nurses. The Team started working in the village of Pangi on South Pentecost and in another 2 places at Melsisi and Abwatuntura. We continued to work on another island to the North called Maewo in the village of Asanvari. As a Team we have worked together to do all our work. All the people in each village where the team visited are very fortunate for all the services the team have carried out.”

Olsem wan medical team memba long mission ia, mi really enjoyem taem blong mi wetem ol coliques blong mi. Wok hemi gud mo mi really kat wan gud taem. Thankyou long skipper mo ol crew we oli save lukaotem good mifala lo ship. Tankyu long Debra and Annette long ol nice sandwhich lo lunch time yumi stap sail. Tankyu also to everiwan we oli part long mission 3. Bai God nomo i blessem yumi long ol works blong yumi.

Translation – “As a medical team member for the mission here, I really enjoyed my time with all my work colleagues. The work is good and we have a great team. Thank you to the Skipper and all the crew who have looked after us on the yacht. Thank you to Debra and Annette for the nice sandwiches for lunch when we were on the yacht. Thank you to everyone who has been part of Mission 3. May God bless us all and our work.”

Nem blo mi Jay Watson. Mi bin pat lo mission 3 we team I travel mo work long Penticost from South to North mo South Maewo. During long mission mi fil hapi tumas from mi visitim different places mo long wok place everyone ol coliques blo mi I kaen mo friendly lo mi. Tank yu tumas long Debra blo save explainem samsamting we mi no save, ol nara Dentist, Nurse, Bob olsem team lida we i save organism ol good accommodation mo kakai. Mo tu tank yu tumas long skipper Jon mo ol crew we I save lukatoem gud mi long ship. Hope blo lukim yufala next time, mo bai God I blessem yufala long work blong yufala. Ta.

Translation – “My name is Jay Watson. I have been part of Mission 3 who travelled to work on Pentecost Island from South to North and to South Maewo Island. During the mission, I have felt very happy that I have visited different places and work with all my colleagues who have been kind and friendly. Thank you to Debra for explaining the things that I do not know, all the dentists, nurses and Bob, the Team Leader, who has organized the accommodation and our food really well. Also, thank you to the Skipper, Jon and the sailing crew who have looked after me on the yacht. I hope to see you all next time and may God bless you all and all your work. Ta.”
Translated by Deb from Melbourne, who was kindly taught to speak Bislama by these guys, over the 3 years working here in Vanuatu.

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  1. Great blog guys, thanks.
    It’s good to hear what you all thought of the mission.
    And thanks Deb for the translation but I really didn’t need it coz I’m becoming an island boy now

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