The day before the big day

The crew is starting to assemble, last night’s dinner went off very well, compatibility ratings seem high and the last minute items are being ticked off.
Yesterday we filled the boat with water … now, that doesn’t sound too good does it … what I mean is, we filled the water tanks with fresh water.  We also took delivery of our rented 12 person liferaft … I was going to say, 12 man liferaft, but they now allow women to use them, which I think is quite a step forward in gender equality.
We’ve almost finished with the riggers – Mario, Sean and Jill – who have done a wonderful job – with the final, final, final, thing being to change the main halyard (that’s the rope that pulls up the mainsail, and test the rig for an hour or so this morning.
Bob comes aboard this moring around 10:30, along with Will and Kathy.  Jim will also join us for the sail down to Sydney. (Jim will fly to Pt Vila in June to join the crew for a month)
There is still boxes of food all over the place.  Ann sent up some home dried and sealed fruit and vegies, along with some fair-trade coffee, which we are looking forward to trying out.  The chocolate, donated by Cadbury and acquired by our friend Brian Taylor, is getting a work-out.  I wonder if you can get sick of nut and raisin block – I suspect not.
So if all goes to plan, tonight we will be tied up at the CYC in Rushcutters Bay.  They have kindly allowed us to stay there 2 nights at no cost as we do last minute checking, fuel-up and clear customs.
Smooth sea, fair breeze and I’m really starting to get excited …
Martin's first morning aboard, coffee, computer, saltana bran ... luxury.
Martin's first morning aboard, coffee, computer, saltana bran ... luxury.


2 thoughts on “The day before the big day”

  1. Now here’s something you might find useful: an online Bislama / English word translator, and a link to a download containing a Bislama Dictionary for use Microsoft Word.
    Can’t vouch for the veracity of the translator.
    (PS I have sent this to all the team members I have email addresses for.)

  2. Now for something completely different…

    Greetings to Linda – the unofficial SYChimere Cheer Squad Leader. Whip those boys into shape!

    I expected to see Martin doing 20 push-ups or scrubbing the decks, especially with the Admiral from Customs coming aboard soon. Aye…it weren’t like that in moi day!

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