Test Sail

10 April 2009

It’s been a busy week of preparations as some of the last minute jobs aboard are completed, or in some cases, discovered.

The test sail on Thurs 9th April was successful, although with the mailsail and genoa, (big sail at the front) at the sailmaker for some last-minute alterations, we were limited to a brief “drive” on Pittwater with the jib and staysail (again, those sails at the front) hoisted for good measure.

The use of the engine coincided with the completion of work on the exhaust system, so it was very successful from that point of view.

As our departure date of 2 May looms, (weather permitting) the urgency of everything increases, but there is now a team of dedicated contractors finishing off the final tasks.

The last week of April, (that’s in about 14 sleeps) will see some more frenetic activity as the food is bought and stowed, along with the many boxes of optical equipment and stock we will be transporting for the medical teams.

Till next time

Rob Latimer

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