Sydney falls astern

Sydney falls astern as the voyage gets underway...
Sydney falls astern as the voyage gets underway...

Customs have come and gone, our passports have been stamped and most of the last minute jobs have been completed.  Those that haven’t been completed are either not important, or will be fixed enroute.

A very big thank you to Mark Taylor from RJ Tinker & Son Engineering, Botany who we found to weld two very important pieces of alumnium together this morning (Saturday) around 10:00am.  The metal, once welded, enables us to use reverse gear on the engine. Need I say more!!

Jim sailed to the entrance of Sydney Harbour with a caste of thousands to wave us good-bye.  It was a wonderful sight.

As we left the harbour, the tall ship, James Craig was approaching under ful sail – magnificent.

The sea is a bit lumpy at the moment, the wind has died off and we are under power.  Starting to get hungry!!

There’s a bit of cleaning and tidying, but gthat can wait, we have plenty of time.  We’ll soon sort out the watch schedule and some will start to get some sleep.

My Next G internet connection is about to die as we get further offshore – oh, the engine has dropprd it’s revs –  no, it’s OK, someone just kicked the throttle lever in the cockpit, we all get a turn at that.  I’ll post this message now, to be sure.  Future messages will be posted via our HF radio, Sail mail connection, courtesy of Mike Clarke in Melbourne – thanks Mike.

Smooth sea, fair breeze and Vanuatu here we come …
For photos of departure – see Gallery – Departure

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  1. Hi Kathy and Will!
    We are thinking of you – good luck!

    Rick, Merrianne, Jon & Mitchell

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