Still Leaning To The Left.

Saturday April 24, 3.30 pm 22 degrees 21 minutes South, 65 degrees 56 minutes East

Leaning to the left for so long I’m surprised we haven’t defected. In discussing the now, so obvious, disadvantages of this practice, i.e. leaning to one side for so long, and the now so obvious advantages to choosing a better weather window, Martin this morning recalled an old sailing pearl that suggested “Gentlemen never sail into the wind”

I fear then that, whatever our station or opportunities were in life prior to this lopsided journey, after what seems certain to be 11 consecutive days of doing just that, we will certainly be totally unable to entertain any hopes of any degree of genteel society. I’m sure it will take several months, at least, for me stop walking round in circles!

Perhaps the New Caledonians won’t be aware of our indiscretions. We are closing in now. Bob suggests we will tack before midnight sometime, and then down the coast for a bit and into hopefully, mercifully, blessed, FLAT WATER.

We are certainly very impressed with the assistance in Noumea so far. During the early hours of the morning someone from there must have made a house call and fixed the chart plotter and auto helm. They were suddenly working again. As if we needed more mysteries. Nice to have them back, but for how long can we hope for their services this time?

Other than these points of interest, life on Chimere continues at the same angle as for the past many days. We do look forward to sighting land before the end of the day. The next entry will so hopefully be from the harbour in Noumea.

Any one know how to speak French?

Bill Vrijens

One thought on “Still Leaning To The Left.”

  1. Well done guys!!! Sounds like death by a thousand waves. While she’s leaning over so much to the left the other side of the boat might be exposed enough to enable you to reach down and give it a scrub. But only if you’ve got nothing else to do.
    When she ties up at the marina make sure Bob holds everyone’s passports and no one starts looking up bus or plane schedules.
    You’re doing a great job guys.
    best wishes from all here in Australia

    Rob Latimer and the MSM team

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