Start of a new week

Monday 12 June 2017
Port Vila Waterfront

The start of a new week gave us the opportunity to attend the morning devotions up at the PCV office (Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu) from 7:30am

We were warmly welcomed and got to meet all of the leaders in the church and to further discuss the plans for the upcoming medical missions

It was then back to the boat to unload still more boxes of equipment brought over from Australia and meet with a marine electrician by the name of Geoff; a man, as it turns out, I got to know four years ago when we were here last.

And why might we need a marine electrician I hear you ask?   Well, on the voyage over from Australia the high-pressure pump attached to the water maker  decided to stop working. It’s a 240 V machine and so I’m naturally wary of fiddling around with screwdrivers and pulling it apart.  Of course having had to replace or fix so many things aboard that had got to the end of their useful life I had visions of needing to buy a whole new pump – but as it turned out the problem was a simple $10 relay switch.  When I say simple, I mean it was simple for our man Geoff, who will pop back in a few days in order to fit the new part.

After that, plus lunch, oh and an afternoon nap, time seem to just disappear.  Peter and I started a couple of jobs onboard and when Martin returned from uptown we laid plans for tomorrow – which includes visiting Customs to obtain our Inter-Island permit, obtaining a shorter turnbuckle for the staysail and finally painting the deck.

Things are starting to be put in their place on deck and below, but it’s a slow process.  Made even slower when new problems keep arising.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and there’s always tomorrow

Rob Latimer

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