Springs and stars

Friday 18 August 2017
Lamvetlam, Ambryn

Hello Shipmates,

Chimere is anchored off the village of Lamvetlam on north Ambryn, which is in the Malampa Province. We can see Pentecost Island from here – our destination for Mission 3.

We were all a bit tired this morning, as we sailed from Port Vila, Efate yesterday and travelled for 22 hours, and passed most of the islands MSM visited in Mission 2 (Emae, Epi and Paama). We passed a cruise ship and two coastal traders around midnight and can only be grateful for the technology on board which meant we could identify and monitor these ships.
Jon, Deb, Bob and Grant went to the village this morning to arrange a trip up the volcano tomorrow, as we are a day ahead of the schedule. Captain Jon says it is a “team bonding” expedition.

After lunch today Jon, Ray, Deb and Grant went for a swim in the hot springs. The springs are just off the beach and are indicated by bubbles rising through the water. Burying feet into the black sand, it ranged from warm to quite hot, which felt disconcerting. Mark stayed on board and made sure that Chimere was secure in her anchorage.

We’ve gone from the noise and bustle of Port Vila to a remote part of an island, where we see pods of dolphins, the water is cobalt blue and the dense green of the jungle is edged with black sand. The silence, stillness and darkness is awesome. And without a moon, the stars are as bright as a Banjo Paterson poem.

Fair winds and smooth seas
Mark Stephenson

One thought on “Springs and stars”

  1. All a bit tired. I guess that can happen after a little sailing, a little swimming and a little site seeing.
    Take it easy crew and don’t over do it now lol.
    Enjoy the volcano.

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