Slow progress before the EAC

Friday 16th April 2010  Off the NSW coast, 33′ 00″ S, 153′ 19″ E

(Details of Satphone call received 11:30am)

Anyone who has watched the film Finding Nemo will know all about the EAC.  Or should I say, the East Australian Current.  Well, in the face of light easterlies the good ship Chimere is working its way north straight into the EAC which is running south at around 2-3 knots.  Consequently progress is slow … or maybe that should read currently slow.

Find out more about the EAC

A satphone call was received this morning and all aboard were described as “well”.  From experience I think that’s nautical-speak for “finding sea-legs”, “still aboard” and “focusing on the important tasks at hand”.  Which to date has not included sending back a Ships Log.  Hence this note from me.

But I’m assured a message is on its way, describing life aboard, some time in the next 24 hours.

This Ships Log is a relayed message from a Sat Phone call, with the key takeaway message being that everyone is doing fine and sends their luv 2 yoos all.

Rob Latimer

MSM Co-ordinator

One thought on “Slow progress before the EAC”

  1. Thanks Rob for ringing tonight and glad to know that you are back safe and sound. I look forward to hearing from all on the boat and yourself over the coming weeks!

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