Saturday 15 June 2013

 Lat 31.67 (S)  Lon 157.08 (E)
Brief message, not a lot to report and conditions a bit lumpy to sit at Nav table for any length of time.
0900 est we are 100 nm west of Lord Howe Island squally weather.  Making good time, covered about 330 miles in 44 hours, average of about 7.5kts and getting into the routine of life at sea; sleeping, on watch, snacks, holding on, trimming sails, checking gear, sleeping, on watch, reading, checking gear, holding on, snacks …
We are giving the batteries a good charge each day with the new generator.  No need to make any freshwater with the onboard desal plant yet.  Still have 800 litres in tanks
Cheers for now,
Jon, Kiwi John, Bob, Tony and Gary
Sat 15 June, 19:44

Hi All,
About 25 nm nth of Lord Howe Island still fairly rough but wind is getting warmer.
We traveled 229 nm yesterday which I believe is a record for Chimere!

4 thoughts on “Saturday 15 June 2013”

  1. Interesting routine you have. I like the “holding on” part. Chimere is a beauty. She will get you there fine! Keep up the good sailing! Cheers from Canada!

  2. Hi Tony, it looks like you’ve had some very nice weather and the yacht is trucking ahead to warmer waters. How’s the fishing, I hope you have your trawling lines out as you cross over the sea mounts and reefs.
    Wishing you fair winds & following seas. Phil & the family.

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