Santo by horse

Wednesday 30 June 2010, Ships Log Part 2, Luganville

Lope Lope Adventure Lodge has excellent horse riding facilities.  Megan, a New Zealander and her husband have built a great business a few km out of Luganville right on top of a beautiful beach.  Besides the horse riding you can jetski, water ski, snorkel in The Coral Gardens, kayak and race quad bikes.  I had a couple of hours ride with two stockman through neighbouring properties with, healthy, fat cattle grazing  in lush feed.  We rode through lovely rain forest with pristine lakes and rivers running through it and gradually made our way down to a long stretch of beach with silver sand. Our horses obviously enjoyed wading through the water.  The horses are well cared for with saddles and bridles in top condition.  Good quality riding hats were provided as safety is very important to Megan.  I’ve ridden in many riding facilities throughout my travels but this one would certainly be one of the best I’ve been to.  After the ride the horses were given a well earned hose down and drink as it was very hot.  We’d had cool drinks on the ride as we each had a small saddle bag.  We made our way to a big, airy restaurant on the beach with a bar and I was given a glass of white wine with lunch.  Caught up with the tennis at Wimbledon as there was a large, Foxtel  screen close to the bar.  After a pleasant hour or so watching the two Aussie boys play a terrific match losing to the Bryan brothers I was driven back to the resort.  Great day out and I would recommend it for riders of all levels.

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