Safe landings

Wednesday 26th July 2017
Lambukiti, Tongoa Island

The swell was still breaking on the shore when we dropped off the medical team a little after seven this morning. With great athleticism they streamed off the front of the dinghy onto solid ground, well solidish black sand. With water streaming over the stern of the dinghy it was a major undertaking to get her turned into the waves to get back to Chimere. All went okay. Fortunately the swell was much easier when picking them up tonight.

The medical team with boat crew Todd acting as dental nurse and Vic assisting with eye examinations completed another successful day. Dr Nic noted some goitre problems, fishing can’t be too good around here. Chatting tonight I learnt he did a home visit yesterday and found the chickens running about the house a bit disconcerting.

We are to load up the equipment at 7.30 in the morning ready for a 40 mile sail to Lamen Bay on the island of Epi for the next clinic. After studying all information about Lamen Bay we are pretty excited to see that there may be a jetty to land our goods on.

Fair winds, smooth seas and safe landings

Phil Wicks


Talk about redefining “Community Medicine” … it’s when the community turns out to watch the treatment …

In this case it’s actually not treatment but another oral health survey being conducted, with Morinda in the background completing a written questionnaire with an older participant.


2 thoughts on “Safe landings”

  1. Looking pretty relaxed there in the back Vic Aston. We had a tough day on the bike in wintery Melb with big headwinds on way home. And Tues golf was no doddle either ! Interesting reading on the Blog…good luck and fair sailing, Jeff

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