Race to The Rip

Friday 11 February 2011

After getting away from Eden last Wednesday (9/2) around 10:00am we made good progress into Bass Strait, with the wind from behind (this time) making a world of difference.  The seas were calm, the wind steady and life aboard was very much on an even keel; literally.

Sail overnight was shortened and although we made good time when the wind was strong, things lightened off in the wee hours of the morning reducing
our average speed to approximately 5.5 knots.  It was then a case of cranking things up a bit to ensure we averaged around 6.5 knots for the next
27 hours to ensure the Port Phillip Heads were reached at the right time.

Unfortunately winds remained variable and at times blew from the south, north, east and western quarters.  This kept us busy throughout Thursday
night as we adjusted sails every few hours.  Sometimes rolling them up, sometimes reefing them down and at other times hoisting almost everything.

In the end we missed Slack Water at The Rip by about four hours, but with wind from the south and the tide still running in, we figured conditions
would be manageable; which they were.

The sail up the bay was then a fast affair, with the city lights making a wonderful welcome as we finally tied up at the Anchorage Marina,
Williamstown around 11:00pm.

After a quick tidy up, sleep came easily.  It was time to relax.  Our goal of delivering Chimere to Melbourne had finally been achieved.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and time to relax.

Rob Latimer

One thought on “Race to The Rip”

  1. Dear Rob
    Nice to see that the Chimere is in Melbourne. What are your plans for this year? I am expecting a man from south West Bay to come and stay for a month very soon to learn Pottery skills with me. His name is Kenaki Naki. Hopefully we can catch up while he is here in Victoria.

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