Sun 18th August 2013


15 31.36S 167 09.92


Today dawned grey and windy. We took things quietly and had a late breakfast before venturing out. We went into town to see if we could buy a few things for the pantry. Most shops were shut so we will do another foray tomorrow to finish the shopping. On the way back to the boat we deviated to walk past the local clinic for the eye care program.

The medical crew would have spent the night in Port Vila en route to Australia. They had an early fight and would have left their accommodation around 5am.


Not much happened for the rest of the day here in Luganville. Dave went ashore and became acquainted with other yachties while Denis and I stayed on boat watch. Denis made some bread and I processed some more photos to send to our web master.

An item of small note today was the discovery of Bob Brenac’s soda fountain. This had been longed for on the trip but we didn’t know where it was. We can now have lovely carbonated drinks; very nice.


Tomorrow, Morinda and Helen will be coming back to the boat and we will have a debrief of tour 2, deliver some items to the hospital and post a parcel to one of the clinics we visited. Oh, and finish our shopping.


Smooth seas, fair breeze and a quiet Sunday


Andrew Latimer


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