Preparation Continues

Like most cruising boats, Chimere was always ready for a day’s sail, or a short hop down the coast, but an extended voyage was another thing altogether.  This meant more detailed preparation and provisioning.


The remoteness of the Vanuatu region, the crossing of the Tasman Sea and the responsibility of transporting teams of medical volunteers has just added a further layer of care and duty.


So, in adequately preparing Chimere, we have progressively worked our way through the many systems on board to either, service, fix or replace, whatever needed to be done.  The main systems include:


         The engine and 240v generator

         Batteries, their charging, plus emergency power

         Radio communications

         Water storage


         Sail wardrobe

         Dinghies, plus their safe storage and retrieval

         Ground tackle – anchors, chain and rode

         Safety, including liferafts, lifejackets and harnesses  .

         Galley, toilets (that’s right 2 of them) and food storage

         Storage of spares, tools and the many boxes of equipment and stock for the medical service we are supporting

         Plus much more…


Then there’s the paperwork.  Including:


         NSW ships registration details

         Australian registered ship documentation

         EPIRB registration

         Insurance papers, plus the necessary Bluewater Extension

         Aust Maritime Safety Authority Sail Plan

         Copies of crew passports, including ship’s letter for those doing a one way trip

         Manifest of all cargo being transported

         Australian customs clearance papers (we get these on the day we leave)


Whilst the above preparations will continue right up until the moment we leave, the biggest area of preparation must surely have been the finding of a suitable crew.  From having no crew three months ago, to having 15 wonderfully enthusiastic crew now, has been an exciting journey in itself. 


The plan is to have 5-6 crew aboard at all times and because none can spare the whole 4 months away in one stretch, it means rotating crews at key points along the way.  Each volunteer crewmember is paying their own way, including air travel, so as not to be a burden on the medical service budget.


We have a good mix of youth and experience, energy and poise, but of course life aboard will be a test of compatibility as many lifelong personal habits – both good and bad – are “shared” within the confines of a space probably smaller than the average lounge room.  Little wonder that extended life aboard has variously been described as a cross between Big Brother and Survivor.  Maybe it’s a good thing there are 5 separate cabins and 30 metres of deck space to walk around (that’s up and back). 


Shakedown Cruise

We hope to spend a couple of days at sea, just prior to Easter, around Tues 7/4 to Thus 9/4.  Our main objective will be to test things like the autohelm, chartplotter and just check through everything on board.


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