Poor HF Transmission Montage

Sat 12 July 7:21 AM (off Mere Lava)

We’ve had a wonderful nights sail and are now about 10 mile off Mere Lava.  The top of the island is in the cloud – it rises to 3000 feet and is only 9 mile by 6 mile, kind of round.  it looks spectacular.  We can see a few more islands on different parts of the horizon too.

As we close the NW corner of the island we will work our way around to the NE corner where there is supposed to be a beach for landing and an anchorage.

It’s a rest day today, but there’s going to be a clinic tomorrow and the next day I think.  Hopefully they can call villagers from the other side of the island because it’s very steep.

We’ve had the main double reefed and the jib out full all night.  Very comfortable.  Richard thinks they are expecting us.  With the wind now from the SE, the anchorage on the lee side should be calm.

Chris is itching to catch a fish.

The batteries are having trouble holding a charge still.  We just need to resign ourselves to running the motor/s a few hours each day.  No one has been sea sick.  Even the Ni-van girl, Jessy seems OK. (apparently she suffered a bit on the last tour to Ambae)She’s still asleep on a bunk below.  I didn’t think she was coming on this trip,  but Richard said to me yesterday that the Govt Health Workers (I think there were 3 of them) couldn’t make it for various reasons, Jessy came along (I recall Richard used the word, “Forced”, in a joking kind of way.  I must get a copy of Jessy’s work place agreement. It would be pretty short I think)

Hopefully I can get this out on the HF.  Morning transmission is a problem Love to all


Rob rang me today at 12.30pm (Monday 13th July ) to say that they had no HF coverage (He had tried all channels).
They have arrived at the island of Mere Lava and are safely anchored on the North Eastern corner of the island at a place called “Big Rock”

They are running a clinic at Big Rock today and will show a movie tonight – Chicken Run or Ice Age 2!
Tomorrow they will run another clinic on the other side of the island where they hope they will have HF coverage. (Currently there is a 3000ft mountain between them and the other side of the island.)

regards Linda

Tues 14 July 7:57am

Just a quick note, if it will get through.

Safe at Mere Lava.  Anchorage OK,  People beautiful.  Had about 30 aboard yesterday for group photo.  Traded some shirts, hooks and line – we’ll see what fruit they bring today (we have no idea of the conversion rates)

Tried to transmit last night.  Big mountain in the way, Kaput transmission, him no good on all long frequencies.

tri agen now

Love to all


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  1. Hi James,
    great to hear from you. Thinking of you, Matt and Mum everyday.
    Great you’re catching up with the daily – mostly daily – posts. Hopefully we are back on line again, although we have a mountain in the way tonight.

    Love from Dad

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