Pizza on the wall

Monday 07 August 2017
Port Vila

Chimere is currently tied up at the Yachting World marina at Port Vila.

The trip back from Ambrym of around 100 miles was completed overnight by motor-sailing as the wind was fine on the port bow. Towards dawn we were overtaken by several ships, but fortunately they passed well clear of us. Apart from this the night was uneventful.
Today all the crew walked up to PCV Health to attend the 7:30 am devotions, and also completed a mission appraisal with Deb (an Aussie who is working here with PCV and us).
After devotions we arranged to move Chimere from a mooring onto the wall here which Captain Phil was rather nervous about. It’s never easy to reverse up a concrete wall, but all went well and the crew of Chimere could relax, which we did by playing the tourist for the rest of the day.
Don’t think we are suffering here – Todd excelled himself by making pizza for tea!

Is it still called a pizza if it is rectangular?
Phil and Vic fly home on Wednesday – they are both looking forward to being home, but concede that staying on a yacht in Vanuatu is better than being at work.
Those left behind, Todd and Mark, will be continuing to prepare Chimere for the next mission.
Fair winds, smooth seas, and pizza on the wall…
Mark Stephenson

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