Sunday 3 May

All is well aboard the good ship Chimere as the sun rises on the bow to slight sea and a brisk wind from the south east. Our position is 33 degrees 17.26 minutes S, 152 degrees 27.85 minutes E. In other words about 60 miles NE of Sydney.

Overnight we had thunderstorms with lots of rain and lightening, which eased off to a steady breeze, clear starry sky and lightening on the horizon inshore.

We are currently easing into breakfast – a few pieces of toast.

The reef in the main has been shaken out and we have the big genoa and staysail set. we were doing 6 knots, but it’s now about 5.

At 7:05 I will attempt to keep our first sked on the HF radio with the sailing rally which left from Brisbane yesterday and which is going to the northern islands of Vanuatu

Slight sea, fair breeze and a welcome sunrise


Received from Chimere  – Sunday 3 May, 7.02am