Our first sunrise

Sunday 3 May

All is well aboard the good ship Chimere as the sun rises on the bow to slight sea and a brisk wind from the south east. Our position is 33 degrees 17.26 minutes S, 152 degrees 27.85 minutes E. In other words about 60 miles NE of Sydney.

Overnight we had thunderstorms with lots of rain and lightening, which eased off to a steady breeze, clear starry sky and lightening on the horizon inshore.

We are currently easing into breakfast – a few pieces of toast.

The reef in the main has been shaken out and we have the big genoa and staysail set. we were doing 6 knots, but it’s now about 5.

At 7:05 I will attempt to keep our first sked on the HF radio with the sailing rally which left from Brisbane yesterday and which is going to the northern islands of Vanuatu

Slight sea, fair breeze and a welcome sunrise


Received from Chimere  – Sunday 3 May, 7.02am


7 thoughts on “Our first sunrise”

  1. fair winds to you all on the good ship chimere.from the team at Ruel Rigging… sounds like your well on your way:-) mario

  2. Bon Voyage Kathy and Will
    We’ll be watching your progress daily.
    Love Mom and Dad

    PS: Congrats to Rob on a great website.
    Especially enjoyed the video and the “In The Loop” interview.

  3. Dear Rob and all,
    Glad to see that all is well and that you are going in the right direction.Happy sailing.
    Barry-1/7th of the Bass Strait (magnificent)7

  4. Dear Rob and all,
    This is the second try.I don’t know if I’m doing it correctly.Glad to see that all is well and that you are going in the right direction. Happy sailing.
    Barry-1/7th of the Bass Strait (magnificent) 7.

  5. Many thanks Mario to you and the team, Sean and Jill et al, for the hard work. The sails certainly roll in and out more easily. After slight winds and the engine chugging us along at 5kts for 36 hours, we were finally able to do some proper sailing this morning as the breeze stiffened. We were doing 8-9 kts for a time, but have settled back to 6-7.5kts now. Seas are slight and it’s a wonderful action. The Waldorf Salad and pre-dinner drinks remain in place on the after deck.

    Rob & Co (aboard Chimere)

  6. Hi Dick and Pauline, thank you for your kind words. We are progressing well as we come to the end of day 3. Looking forward to one of Kathy’s chocolate cakes or trays of muffins. I hear Will is a master of the pancake – just a rumour aboard at this stage. Come to think of it, cake would go well with the last of our ice-cream. Will is set on catching another fish. He and Kathy are currently up on deck modifying the fish retrieval device. We hooked a big fish this afternoon, while Kathy and Will were dozing. It was a bigger fish than yesterday and we nearly got it to the back of the boat but the fish broke a barb off the lure.

    Rob & Co (aboard Chimere)

  7. Hi Barry,

    many thanks for your note – received loud and clear.

    Look forward to seeing you in Pt Vila 6-13th August. By the way, anyone else like to spend a week in Vila, supporting the local economy and enjoying some time aboard Chimere, just ask for some more information. Signature Travel in North Ringwood (Vic, Aust) has all the information.

    Rob & Co (aboard Chimere)

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