Onward and, well, onward!

Thursday 22 April 5:15 pm South Pacific 24 degrees 30 minutes South 162 degrees 04 minutes East

Life on Chimere has settled into a routine involving the management of dampness, salty tap water, and well, hoping for that change in wind.

The front cabin inhabited by Martin and Nick has a seriously leaking hatch seal. As the boat has been heeling over for it’s 9th day consecutively today, Nick faces the challenge of being launched from his bunk if unprepared for that big wave, but he stays dry, and, considering he is still seen about listening to his Ipod etc, we assume he is relatively undamaged. Martin, however, is, by nature of his bunk being repositioned under the centrally located hatch by the heeling boat, likely to get a shower every now and then. His bunk is now so wet he sleeps with his wet weather gear on, to keep the water out. Hmm. Bob’s bunk is partly soaked. Andy and I are not drawing any attention to our singularly water tight cabin hatch, although the ingress of water due to wet clothes etc

Seeing Nick is sitting right here, I’ve twisted his arm to write something, as follows:

Still no luck catching any fish, despite the line being out for around 12 hours each day. Although not a real issue since Martin’s delicious pre packed meals more then satisfy our (somewhat diminished in some cases due to the rolling sea) hungers. Still, a juicy tuna steak would go down very well with all the crew! Bob is currently experimenting to fix the salty fresh water issue, and although the tests don’t show the water to be quite pure yet, it is improving.

That leaves little more for me say. Other than hoping for that wind change as well as for the god of GPS and autohelm to come visit us, well, any time really.

Bill Vrijens

One thought on “Onward and, well, onward!”

  1. Hi Bill, sounds like your having fun! Shouldnt you guys share the nice dry bunk around? Hope the weather is warm at least. Paula

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