One third down

Wednesday 6 May, 7.49 am

After a lumpy night, with seas rising and the wind strengthening, the wind has now settled down to a steady 20 knots or so, with the seas in the 2-3 metre range. The wind is coming in from our right side, with the swell coming up from our right, rear quarter. It’s a steady, rolly action with the sails pushing us along at 6-7 knots.

For those with a map, or access to Google Earth, our position is 30 degrees 05 minutes South, 159 degrees 19 minutes East, or 90 nautical miles ENE of Lord Howe and 17 nautical miles SE of Elizabeth Reef.

We have now travelled around 460 miles, with 636 miles to go before we round the southern tip of New Caledonia and then another 190 before we reach Tanna island – our final destination. That’s an average of approx 5.5 knots.

Early this morning I saw a plane fly high overhead in a SE direction, possibly on its way to Christchurch from Brisbane..

The sun is up, the sky is mostly clear – looks like a great day for fishing.

It’s my turn to go back to bed. It won’t be hard to sleep.

Smooth sea, fair breeze and one third down




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