One more sleep

Tuesday 12 May, 10.05am

Tanna is just a matter of hours away and the wind is steady from the south east; a real trade wind day.

At this rate we will arrive off Lenakel (on the west coast of Tanna) in darkness, so we intend to move in a holding pattern offshore until light. Then we’ll make our way into the anchorage area and assess the conditions. We’d like to be able to make a base here for the next few days in order to first clear customs, and then second, pick up our medical passengers who will be arriving by plane nearby.

There’s a hospital/clinic in Lenakel and so the volunteer medical folk will be doing some work there prior to coming aboard for the planned clinics around the coast. Our wish is that the weather remains good and that the sea and coastal conditions at each of the specks along the coast are suitable for landing our dinghy.

We are currently making good time with wind off the beam (side) and to quote Bob as he settles down to read “Dynasty” (the one that was missing the first 160 pages) … “Ah, this is the life, away from traffic, cats, dogs, rats, worries – everything is dandy … do we have to stop here, or can we just keep going?”

With stage one – The Voyage – about to come an end, it’s exciting to realise that our real work is about to begin.

Smooth sea, fair breeze and just one more sleep.


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