One More Sleep

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Almost ready to sail. Customs arrive at 4pm tomorrow. Weather forecast appears favourable. Hope to be sailing by tomorrow evening all being well. The crew of five being Bob Brenac (Skipper), Jon Colcough(First mate), Gary Jago ( Coxswain), Tony Richards (Cook), John Land ( k1w1 aka cabin boy/deckhand) are all present and correct.

The trip from Melbourne which took 3 and half days was an excellent test sail for Chimere and the crew of four under the captaincy of Robert Latimer. We have been making final finishing touches to the boat and now sport several modern conveniences such as an electric toilet, hot and cold running water, 6500 watts of pure 240v electricity which can recharge batteries, make fresh water out of sea water at 2-3 litres /minute,and boil a kettle all at once!

We expect a voyage of 14 days and looking forward to fair winds,good food and good company.

John Land (k1w1 aka cabin boy/deckhand)

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