Off in the morning…

Anyway, after two and a bit days sheltering in this beautiful little bay near Eden, we plan to head away in the morning, so look out for the SPOT GPS signal on the website…

Friday 25 October 2013

East Boyd Bay, Eden

Like a good pair of shoes, it’s hard to find a comfy weather forecast these days!

I’m starting to sound a bit like a farmer, sorry farmers, but it’s true … the wind seems to be either too strong, or from the wrong direction, or in recent days … BOTH.

Anyway, after two and a bit days sheltering in this beautiful little bay near Eden, we plan to head away in the morning, so look out for the SPOT GPS signal on the website…

… hopefully you see a lot of long straight lines rather than a lot of back and forth of zig zags. [and also some Vanuatu style island hopping – admin 🙂 ]

In terms of activity and excitement – much like yesterday, there wasn’t a lot today.  Tony got stuck into the anchor well bilge pump, discovering that the reason for it not working was that the float switch needed attention.  And David and John finished off the sewing of the old dodger cover – a very neat job I might say.

I, on the other hand,  set my mind early in the day to the making of a couple of loaves of bread using some of Linda’s pre-packed bread-mixes; about 160 of which were loaded aboard back in June, with about 20 bags still to be made.  The loaves were ready around lunch time and they certainly raised everyone’s spirits.


It was a sunny day today and despite the strong winds further south, generally very still here in the bay; but quite chilly out of the sun.  The big ship at the wharf, Sen Treasure, has finished loading logs in the hold and we are now wondering whether they are going to stack logs on deck.

Late in the day we heard the yacht which anchored this afternoon on the other side of the wharf, talking on the VHF radio to the local Marine Rescue station explaining that his engine wasn’t working and that perhaps the problem was with his oil filter.  Another yacht, the ketch Fandango, which was anchored in the bay when we arrived and which is about 200 metres away, then got on the radio and said he had a filter which might do the job and he’d zip over in his dinghy to lend a hand.  Being half way between the two yachts, I felt I’d put my two bobs worth in and said I had a box of spare filters which he could take over on the off chance one of them would do the job.

Later, as the Good Samaritan off Fandango was returning to his boat he stopped by to return my plastic tub full of spare filters and handed over $20 saying that one of the filters fitted perfectly and the chap was extremely pleased with the assistance – most grateful indeed.

As I sit here typing, it’s nearly 9:00pm and the chap has just called up Marine Rescue to say that his motor is working again, so that’s a nice way to end the day.

So, with an early start tomorrow, we all plan on getting to bed very soon, and that means me too.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and time to move on

Rob Latimer

4 thoughts on “Off in the morning…”

  1. Sat 9pm. Dear Chimere,
    GPS signal looks almost a straight as a mud-brick stove.
    Don’t forget to make a right hand…errrr starboard… turn before you get to Tassie.

  2. I hope all goes well for you, with plenty of straight lines,on the way home,take care Carmel

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