Sunday, 27 October 2013

Off Cann River, 3 miles at sea

Sorry about missing yesterday’s Ships Log. I’ve got a list of excuses including bad weather bad reception plus a general lack of interest in doing anything that wasn’t directly related to sailing the boat.

The good news is that it’s sunny  and we got through the night okay.

The wind is still on the nose but is predicted to start going our way sometime soon.

After tacking in an out against the wind we’ve now found that by sailing close to the coast we can set a course which is  parallel with the shore. It has certainly lifted spirits onboard

We saw a family of whales a couple of hours ago.  No jumping out of the water this time, but one of them did do a dive right in front of the boat with his/her tail rising out of the water as it disappeared under us

Another highlight is that this afternoon Tony and I shared the leftover spaghetti from two nights ago.  After nearly a day and a half on muesli bars, snakes and Salada biscuits it’s hard to describe the joy; right up there with sunrise after a wet, cold, lumpy night at sea.  Tonight we might advance to opening some of those instant meal cans made specially for times like this


Our current plan sees us arriving into Westernport late on Tuesday, about 8 days out of Sydney (weather permitting of course)

Smooth seas, fair breeze and … if only

Rob Latimer