South Pacific 11 am 33 degrees 08 minutes south 153 degrees 17 minutes east.

Apologies to all who have been eagerly awaiting news of Chimere’s progress. Part of this text was prepared prior to departure. Departure however saw 3 of the crew succumbing to the rolling swell. Needles to say any further attempts at the computer were very nearly met with the sort of output the keyboard might not have survived.

Tuesday was filled with more preparations, more securing on deck, and a bit of looking and dreaming about various other boats in Rushcutters bay.

In the evening Chimere was the venue for a get together for the various Sydney based crew members for mission 2 and 3, as well as friends and supporters of the whole project. Nibblies, drinks and pizzas were consumed under a starry sky.

Wednesday involved refueling, requiring well over a 1000 litres of diesel. By popular request our skipper Bob then took us for a scenic cruise under the harbour bridge and by the opera house. Today’s weather was absolutely perfect for the multitude of photo opportunities this presented.

Wednesday afternoon we set sail. Bob arrived with his new hair cut and we were off.
As mentioned previously, out off the harbour and Nick, Andrew and myself were beset by the dreaded sea sickness, despite Roberts earlier assurance that chimere was fitted with the latest anti sea sickness technology. We are getting better,  but so happy to have Bob and Martin to keep an eye on things.

Progress at this stage has been slow, with the East Austrailan current running at about 3 knots against us, we have spent much time motor sailing and barely reaching 1 knot at times. Pleased to say this has now passed and we seem to be progressing well under sail at around 5 knots.

Looking forward to a co-operative breeze for a few days, and also for my insides to return to their normal state.

Bill Vrijens