Monday 22 July 2013

Port Vila
Today we went to the hardware shop to buy some petrol drums and have a spare steering cable fixed. We also discovered that out Honda generator has been fixed and is ready to be picked up and we also filled up with 516 litres of diesel,  and oh, we also met a Canberra Times journalist who wants to write an article on our work.

And then tonight I went out to dinner with Ray and Jon’s old Navy buddy from 35 years ago, Russell,  whose now in charge of building the new port here in Pt Vila.

Now, for some reason all I want to do is sleep.  Those navy guys !! Having heard their fascinating navy stories for the past 5 hours it’s a wonder they made to their 40th birthdays or aren’t still behind bars or on parole.  And to think they also defend our country.   It was a lovely evening, but as I say, all I want to do now is sleep.

I’ve got a big day tomorrow as I attempt to paint the deck. (something I’ve been trying to do for 2 years now)  As it turns out, I won’t be alone.  A local man called Amos came by yesterday asking to scrub the hull of the boat for an agreed price.  As he was about to get in the water I said, “hey Amos, the hull’s pretty clean, but what are you like with painting?”  Well of course he could paint and we agreed on a rate of 3000 Vatu a day and hopefully we can get it all done in two days.  We start early tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how we go.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and nothing to report.

Rob Latimer

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