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Thursday, 9 June 2017

Sleep was a welcome relief after arriving in Port Vila around 1:30 this morning  on the night flight from Sydney. (And yes the luggage was indeed covered on the tarmac in rainy Sydney and so everything was dry in my bag- yeh!)

All was quiet aboard, not surprisingly,
and so it was just a simple case of setting up the mozzie net and collapsing on the mattress in the cockpit

The day started in a lazy way and pretty much stay that way

Cam, Rob Lott, Bruce, Josh and Martin headed off to see the local sites including the Cascades and the Blue Lagoon, and had a ball.

After breakfast I wandered into town, buying a SIM card for my phone and exchanging some dollars for Vatu

It was then lunch at the Nambawan Cafe (as in “Number one”) while checking my emails using the free Wi-Fi.  Or was that… checking my emails using the free Wi-Fi while having lunch.

Dropping in at the PCV clinic gave me a good chance to catch up with Richard, Debra and Bob to briefly talk about mission activities and tonight it was a lovely dinner at Debra’s place on the hill.  And what a bus… all painted in our Aussie national colours… quality machine!

Dinner was going to be roast chicken, but our neighbour here on the waterfront caught a 50 kg tuna on the way into harbour the other day and gave us some very large steaks which we took along and cooked instead. We still have a heap in the freezer for later.  I wish we could catch fish.  But in talking to Cam I think I’ve establish the problem… you need to actually put a line in the water with a colourful lure attached; must give it a go!?

Predictably I had to be woken up after dinner tonight (where I lay on a couch in the corner) to be told it’s time to go and so now at 10 PM I’m ready for sleep again   The temperature of 26° is not that hard to get used although it would be nice if the humidity could be turned down a bit.  It’s probably cooled down about 1° since daytime

Tomorrow we start to unload most of the dental and medical supplies on board and in the afternoon we greet another of the volunteer crew members, Peter Wright from Melbourne.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and time to sleep😴

Rob Latimer

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