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Thursday 29 July 2010 Waterfall Bay, Pentecost 15 47.20S, 168 09.70E

It was a lazy kind of day today.  After dropping anchor late yesterday here at Waterfall Bay we followed it up today with a sleep-in, some baking, swimming and general maintenance work onboard.  There was also the arrival of a yacht we’d met earlier called “Bob” with New Zealand family Bruce, Nicola and daughters, Ella and Poppy aboard.

We were going to go up to the big waterfall, just a short walk inland, but with one thing and another and the arrival of the yacht “Bob” here at the anchorage we didn’t get around to it.

Tomorrow is the BIG celebration day here in Vanuatu.  There’s lots of pig and bullock killing going on because it’s 30 years tomorrow that Vanuatu celebrates its independence from England and France.  Some villages along the coast here and no doubt throughout all of Vanuatu, are pretty much deserted at the moment with big crowds gathering at central villages for sports tournaments, feasts, speeches, flag raisings and kava consumption.

Hopefully we finally get to the waterfall tomorrow and can report on our very own Independence Day celebrations.

After doing nothing today, and hosting the crew of “Bob” aboard Chimere for dinner tonight everyone is particularly tired and so tonight’s Ships Log is a bit light on for content.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and waterfall tomorrow.

Robert Latimer

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