Nothing happened today

Pt Vila, Vanuatu Saturday 29 May 2010

It was another day of boat maintenance with the heat and stillness of the air making for a lot of perspiration.  Our next door neighbour, Noah, continued helping us with jobs aboard as we slowly worked our way through the list.

Iain and Ann Miller flew home to Australia this afternoon after dropping by around lunchtime to say good-bye.  They did a wonderful job in their capacity as doctors around the islands of Aneityium, Futuna and Aniwa in early May, on Tanna in mid May and then clinics at Port Narvin and Dillons Bay, Erromango, on the journey back here to Vila.

I’d like to report a lot of exciting happenings and events here in Pt Vila today, but it was not to be.  All I did this morning was catch a bus to a boatyard around the bay to look for spare parts.  The rest of the day was spent onboard

Bill went to the supermarket to hunt down some razors (for some reason he wants to look smooth and less hairy for when his wife Rita arrives next week) but said he couldn’t find any, but there was a fine selection of machetes; not your standard hardware item in aisle 12 at the local Safeway back home.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and more maintenance.

Robert Latimer

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