MSM Vanuatu Member Update – March 2016 Supplement

Greetings from MSM …

Who would have thought the opening of the Paunangisu village public toilet would make it onto the BBC News website?  Not me that’s for sure.

Read into it what you like, but if we can just secure the Queen’s official endorsement we might change the toilet’s slogan to something like “Royal Flush before Royal Ascent”  … maybe it needs a bit more work …?

Anyway, hope you enjoy the latest 2016 March Vanuatu MSM Member Update (Supplement) edition featuring the official opening of the BEST Public Toilet in The South Pacific

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And here are the overseas news links …

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Blessings and cheers


Rob Latimer & Mike Clarke

Medical Sailing Ministries

Paunangisu Village Partnership

Vanuatu Dental Care Service

What Aid Where

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