MSM Prayer Requests from Vanuatu.

Some of you may recall the MSM Missions discovery of a very sick baby Rowena with a ‘hole in her heart’.  In your prayers please thank God that the Mater Children’s Hospital in Brisbane has now agreed to undertake her assessment and heart surgery, and that ROMAC has kindly agreed to provide financially, for all her travel and medical costs! Please ask God that the final agreement documents and the visa applications will be processed without delay. Please also pray for her safety during the air-flight from her village in Abatwuntora on the island of Pentecost to Port Vila, and then to Brisbane; and for her parents Anika and Livingston who are very anxious and extremely grateful for this unexpected help.

Rexlyn is a 14yo shy but delightful and intelligent girl in the village of Tanbok, Pentecost Is, who was also mentioned (unnamed) in an earlier MSM post. She had become deaf from chronic ear infections, making life and schooling difficult. No treatment is available and there are no ENT specialists in Vanuatu. Both ear drums are perforated and so she cannot hear. Thank God that He had already arranged for a specialist ENT team from Melbourne to be in Port Vila this week. Thanks also that Don MacRaild was able to get a message to Rexlyn’s father Rev Willington (local Anglican Minister) to go to Port Vila to see the specialist. Rexlyn arrived in Vila last week and was seen by the specialist today. She is booked for delicate micro-surgery on Thursday. Please pray that the delicate graft to the ear drum will heal and she will regain her hearing.

PS If you would like to hear more miracles, come to North Ringwood this Sunday morning.

Dr Graeme Duke (Crew member and medico)

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