MSM Postcard, Friday 19 May 2017, Nearly there.

Fri 19 May 07.43

lat -33.88 lon 151.318

Sunny Sydney skyline

As our fourth morning at sea dawns Sydney is just 60 miles on the bow.

Always nice to see the sun return.  As we head north it appears on the right at the start of the day and disappears on the left at the end.  Really great the way that works

The two screenshots maybe a bit unclear but you get the idea

More light is appearing in the sky and the clouds are adopting that not-long -now-till-sunrise look about them. I may get a chance to take a photo shortly

Phil and Cameron are still asleep below in their respective bunks with our steady motion punching through the choppy seas

Morning all!!

Rob L


Nice to see the sunrise

Robert ending the early morning shift

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