MSM Member Update – Cyclone Pam

Greetings from MSM and the people of Vanuatu,

As it happened, fellow MSM co-ordinator Mike Clarke and I were in Vanuatu last week when uninvited guest PAM arrived, delivering severe and widespread destruction – you’ve no doubt seen the shocking images in the media!


Naturally, such an event can leave you with a sense of helplessness, but if any group of people can teach us a lesson in resilience and resourcefulness, not to mention generosity, it’s the people of Vanuatu.

So amidst this disaster, which will take some time to get over, we choose to be inspired and encouraged, not beaten and sorry.  I invite you to be also.

As they say in Vanuatu … Tank Yu Tumas for your ongoing interest and support, particulay at this time of great need !!
Rob Latimer & Mike Clarke
Medical Sailing Ministries
& Vanuatu Dental care Service


In news just to hand …

20.03.2015, 4:20pm, email received Morinda Toara, Paonangisu Village

Hi all,

Just want to thank you for all your prayers and to let you know that we are all safe. Many houses were damaged and part of the roof of my house was blown away. Many people went to the church building and were safe there. All our belongings got wet so it took days to dry them up. Some families are still sleeping in the church building while rebuilding their houses.
I think our biggest worry now is where our food and fresh water will come from because all our gardens are gone and all the pipes from the water source were damaged. But I know that the Lord will provide all these for us.
Thank yu tumas and God bless



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