Tuesday 5 May, 10.15pm

After 36 hours of engine chug chug chug, we are now racing along with double reefed main and a shortened headsail.

The moon is waxing, but there’s a lot of cloud cover, so it’s quite dark. Last night was very clear and the phosphorescence (sp) in the water was amazing as we kicked up spray from our bounding motion. Martin was on watch when a pod of dolphin joined us and described the appearance of what looked like trails of sparkly light through the water which danced around the bow for a long time.

We nearly caught another fish today, but it broke one of the barbs on the lure. The line was so tight you could almost play a tune on it.

Dinner tonight was Thai chicken green curry, very tasty, (thank you Will, the recipe can be found in the back of the Chimere family recipe book) although I missed the main show because I was asleep in my bunk. Fortunately the guys saved me some for when I awoke, which is a good sign I think.

We are now about to settle down for the night with the order of watch being decided. We are doing 6-7 knots, despite the reduced sail. many thanks to those who have made comments on the website, forgive me if it takes a little while to respond. We have 90 minute internet time per week, part of which we’ve got to save for weather downloads – so we try to be as efficient as possible in our use.

Overnight we will pass Lord Howe Island, which is currently about 60 miles to our south east. Elizabeth and Middleton reefs will pass to our north

Good night all

Smooth sea, fair breeze and more speed