More farewells & good-byes

Pt Vila, Efate Is Wednesday 4 August 2010

There is definitely an air of the mission for 2010 coming to an end with Mike and Lanie making their way to the Vila airport this afternoon and from there to Australia.  It was sad to say good-bye with both providing an invaluable contribution to the operation of MSM for 2010.

At the moment it’s just me and Matt aboard as we await the arrival of the volunteer return crew of five in about a week, headed up by carry-over champion MSM skipper Bob Brenac.

Before that … in fact, in about 2 hours from now, we pick up from the Vila airport my wife Linda, second son James and Matt’s girlfriend Bianca; over here for a few days to take advantage of the yacht’s brief layover before sailing home to Australia.

As a result of the mission for 2010 effectively coming to an end there really isn’t a lot to report – at least not of an MSM nature.  Consequently, there might be a break of a few days between Ships Logs over the next few weeks.

As a parting gesture here we have a few words from Lanie … typed recently as her tour was coming to an end …

Lanie …

Five weeks ago this amazing journey with MSM began in Santo –  now we can look back on Chimere having taken Mission 3 approx 600 miles in total around the eastern islands of Vanuatu – not in a “straight line” of course, as we zigzagged from island to island and village to village!

Travelling south over the last 3 days, there has been  time to reflect on the places we have been, the people we have met and the work that has been done. There is a sense of satisfaction that there has been a difference made in the lives of some of the people of Vanuatu. In turn they  have touched each and everyone of us !
I wonder how it will be integrating back into life as it was before! The fast pace, time lines, commitments, material world etc etc!

The things that seemed challenging at sea and on the mission will now be fond memories! Things like navigating a moving stove, early morning wake up calls and staying upright while the winds and waves push Chimere around in a rough sea! Brushing teeth on deck from a cup to conserve water, fanning myself to sleep because it is hot and humid, being woken by the anchor alarm! Lying in my bunk being rolled from side to side and rocked to sleep. Life on board the ship Chimere is an experience money can’t buy!

How wonderful life has been on the islands and living aboard Chimere!

Words cannot describe the inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm and endless commitment and drive through the successes and challenges to the program led by our Skipper Rob!

A crew that met briefly before the outset of the mission now developed a bond, camaraderie, friendship that could have had an alternative outcome.   Thankyou to the boys for making life for a “girl”, a time to remember … plus with the occasional cup  of tea in bed !!!!

This is really the last opportunity for me to sign off.  I am lashed to the mast … don’t send me home!!!!

Smooth seas fair breeze and the journey continues …


2 thoughts on “More farewells & good-byes”

  1. Hey! When do you think Chimere will be pulling back into Sydney? I’ll try and pop down to the marina and say hello.

  2. Hi Jo,

    Great to hear from you. Hopefully Chimere will be in Sydney (CYCA) around 28 Aug. Keep an eye on the Ships Log for updates.

    all the best


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