2009 Mission


This section provides a comprehensive summary of the MSM Vanuatu Mission 2009, as they assist the Vanuatu Prevention of Blindness Project.  For those who have recently commenced following the site, it will provide the background.  For those who have been following the mission, this section provides the opportunity to easily re-visit any section and select individual posts.

For each completed tour, there is information on the location, itiniery, crew, medical team, summary of the tour, links to each daily post that provides a detailed description of the activities, and link to the photo galleries.

Where a radio interview or a video has been produced, a link will also be included.

Follow the sections of the Vanuatu Mission 2009:

to 1 May      Voyage preparation

2 May – 16 May        Delivery Voyage

17 May – 31 May      Tour 1 – Southern Islands

1 June –  5 July        Tour 2 – Central Islands

6 July – 6 August     Tour 3 – Northern Islands

7 – 13 August           Supporters tour to Port Vila

18 August …            Return voyage to Sydney

You can also find the entire ships log for the 2009 mission.

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