Mission 4 prepares for launch

Sunday 3 September 2017

Sydney airport

Barry Stewart and I are heading back to Vanuatu
Up at 4 o’clock this morning, at Melbourne airport by 6:00, and now in Sydney, we’ll be in Luganville (Santo) by the end of the day.  Me to join Chimere in preparation for the next medical mission, Barry to complete a week of Oral Health survey work before also joining us aboard Chimere as dentist for Mission 4.


There is a sense of excitement but also familiarity as we enter the final stages of this year’s overall MSM mission
Having led the first mission as skipper of Chimere in June and July it has been a great joy for me personally to have read the daily messages from the volunteer teams, both sailing and medical/dental/optical, on Missions 2 & 3. 
A massive congratulations to everyone involved!!  Especially skippers Phil and Jon and their loyal crews as they have cared for the ship and all on board.  Great Work!!
Chimere is now anchored on the edge of the Segond Channel, off the Beach Front Resort, Luganville and as I write this the medical team and some of the crew are preparing to fly out after their two week tour of duty.


Barry and I have just made it to our seats aboard Air Vanuatu’s jet plane – a Boeing 737-800, which is dwarfed by the Air Singapore A380 parked next to us.  
I’m being asked by a nice Ni-Van lady to turn off my device, so it’s …
… smooth flight, tail winds and Mission 4 prepares for launch 
Rob Latimer 

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