Mission 3 underway

Thursday 17 Aug 2017

N of Efate en route to Ambryn

Good evening everyone.

Well we are finally at sea fully provisioned, loaded with equipment and three passengers Deb, Bob and Dick. We left the wharf with a fresh little ESE blowing which made letting go lines, pulling up the anchor and retrieving the dinghy in a tight spot with with plenty of spectators, a good test for the new crew. I am happy to report that everything went according to plan. BZ to the crew (Navy for well done). Once away we hoisted sails and made our way to the SW corner of Efate where we needed to jibe to make our course to the North. Another test for the crew and another safe execution although we will get better once we are more familiar with our little ship and her gear (who invented boom brakes that lock up?). Currently we are heading North at a nice clip hoping to made the lee of some northern islands before the wind drops and we are left with our sailing banging while we flop around in a reasonable sized sea.

Although glad to be away, we will miss the noise and convenience of having a bar a few metres from our stern. Over the past week we have heard an island take of nearly every music genre, some OK and some bordering on terrible but they were always finished at a reasonable time, so the whole experience was fun.

Grant made spaghetti for dinner tonight. It is a testament to gimbaled stoves that he was able to cook anything as we rolled around with the sea on our quarter. Very tasty and I was pleased to see that everyone had something to eat so even those of us who are a little green around the gills are OK.

I am going back on watch now. It is no chore as it is a dark night and the stars are putting on a breathe taking display; wish you were here to see it.

Good night all,

Yours Aye

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