Medical Sailing Ministries – Members Update April 2010

Greetings all, and a special welcome to those members who have recently registered via the MSM website, and for whom this is their first update.

Today, a very much loaded Chimere sailed away from her Pittwater berth and into Sydney Harbour, as the first step in this years Mission to Vanuatu.

The attached 2010.04.08 Member Update provides all the news, outlines the planned mission and the preparation for the voyage. Of course, the website is the place to visit for all the information and regular updates as the Mission unfolds. The 2010 Ships Log has commenced.

We welcome your comments and look forward to you being a regular visitor to the website (, over the next four and a half months.

In the words of Captain Latimer… smooth seas, a fair breeze and happy reading.

Best wishes

Mike Clarke and Rob Latimer

MSM Co-ordinators

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